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 Tegra 2-powered Motorola Xoom

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PostSubject: Tegra 2-powered Motorola Xoom   Mon Apr 11, 2011 12:07 am

Now that the iPad 2 has shipped with its faster dual-core processor, and Tegra 2-powered Motorola Xoom sits on store shelves, the PlayBook no longer looks so impressive.
Blame Flash starzmart
So what caused the delay? Early reports indicated RIM struggled with weak battery performance, and recently, touchscreen shortages online wholesale electronics shop courtesy of Apple iPad 2 demand have been blamed. But Wired now claims Flash is a contributing factor, claiming RIM probably had issues getting Flash to work properly on the tablet, citing Motorola’s Flash woes with the Xoom as evidence.
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Tegra 2-powered Motorola Xoom
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