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 How To Start Your Child –Articles on taylormade r9 fairway wood

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PostSubject: How To Start Your Child –Articles on taylormade r9 fairway wood   Sun May 15, 2011 8:41 pm

How To Start Your Child –Articles on taylormade r9 fairway wood

Once your child decides that they do want to play golf in golf clubs for sale here are some steps to take to get them started and to keep the game fun for them:
Begin with a real junior set of clubs. Many people think that by making a club shorter it will fit a junior golfer. This is NOT true. You need to find a company that specially and properly weights their junior golf clubs depending on the size of your child. In addition, you do not need to buy a whole set with taylormade r9 fairway wood. Most companies will allow you to purchase junior clubs one at a time. Find a qualified junior golf instructor. You can contact your local PGA Section or a local club or golf course either by phone or online. If a Certified PGA Professional is available in your area, he or she would be a good place to start taylormade r9 fairway wood.
Make sure that your series of junior golf lessons include sessions on the rules of golf as well as golf etiquette. Depending on their age, the rules and etiquette situations do not need to be deep in the heart of the rule book. It has always amazed me on what a child at any age can retain when they want to learn taylormade r9 fairway wood. Your junior does not have to play a "real golf hole" to have fun. Make the putting green the goal with taylormade r9 supertri. This is a good way for the younger junior golfers to get started and as it reads only count the shots that it takes to get to the green to determine a score. The hole does not need to be the end of the hole.
What does this mean with taylormade r9 supertri? Some smaller juniors find it more fun to hit it into a bunker than onto a green. This may seem counter-intuitive to many golf purists however, once you think about it, typically the bunkers are smaller than the putting greens. This can only make them better later. In addition, they LOVE taylormade r9 supertri to climb into the bunkers and this gives us a chance to teach bunker etiquette.
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How To Start Your Child –Articles on taylormade r9 fairway wood
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